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God’s faithfulness in Tanzania

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Recently, Paul Kibona sent an update about what God has been doing in Tanzania through Disciple Nations Alliance training resources. Paul is a member of the DNA’s Global Leadership Team and the representative for CMS-Africa in Tanzania. He is also a Samaritan Strategy trainer and country coordinator. Paul has been instrumental in conducting Vision Conferences in Tanzania for years – partnering with local churches, ministries and World Vision Tanzania to transform communities throughout the country. He shares the following stories:

After attending a Vision Conference, a pastor and two teachers from a local church in Tanzania became burdened to reach an interior community which has no access to government schools. Most people in the community are farmers, and the children cannot afford to walk the twenty or more kilometers to reach a government school. Working in cooperation with the village, this small team pulled together local resources to create a school for the children in the community. Now, the children are being taught using a nearby church building built of grass and mud. The students are learning to read and write, and the entire village is being impacted!

Paul with archbishop of Anglican church in Tanzania

The ordination of the new archbishop for the Anglican church in Tanzania took place in the capital city of Dodoma. Archbishop Maimbo invited Paul and CMS-Africa to introduce DNA materials to the House of Bishops in Dodoma. This has opened the door to reach many dioceses in Tanzania. Paul asks for prayer that God will use Archbishop Maimbo mightily and make him a blessing for the church in Tanzania as DNA materials are implemented.

In the Shinyanga diocese, Bishop Chinyong’ole and his wife are using DNA Vision Conference materials to train Anglican pastors. The bishop and his wife have hosted many successful Vision Conferences throughout Tanzania, and their hope is to see a similar transformation in the Shinyanga Diocese. 

Bishop Chinyong’ole and his wife with pastors after their first Vision Conference in the Shinyanga Diocese


In the Kibondo Diocese, Bishop Ndenza helped host a five-day training for pastors in Kigoma. These trainings are helping to change the worldviews held within parishes, and pastors have begun using local resources to help their own people.

Five-day training in Kigoma (above and below)

Paul had the opportunity to lead a training in a Muslim community through cooperation with a local church. Ninety-eight percent of the attendees were Muslim women.

In yet another village, Paul provided a vision casting on transformation mindset at a community meeting. He shared the truth that a transformed worldview can change an entire village. The local government leaders have invited him and his team to take them more thoroughly through DNA materials early next year.

Praise God for the impact of DNA worldview materials in Tanzania! Pastors, children, adults, and prominent leaders are experiencing the transformative power of a biblical worldview. If you are interested in learning more about the work that Paul and CMS-Africa are doing in Tanzania, we would love to help connect you. Contact us at info@disciplenations.org.

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