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Coram Deo is now available in Bengali!

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The Disciple Nations Alliance is excited to unveil a Bengali language version of our free online learning program. Thanks to your support of the DNA and the work of our friends in Bangladesh, the Coram Deo Basics Course is now available in Bengali.

Check it out here

More than 242 million people speak Bengali as a first language (6th most in the world), and the church is present among them. If you know any Bengali speakers who want to engage their culture in transforming ways, share the Coram Deo School with them. It will help them cultivate a biblical worldview and identify and live out their calling every day as a follower of Jesus.

Coram Deo (Latin for “before the face of God”) is the DNA’s core teaching carefully condensed into a set of video presentations and readings. Application labs help users discover how best to apply what they have learned in their own community.

Wait, there’s more!

We are also pleased that a version specifically for Muslim-background believers is under construction and will be available soon.  Recently, the DNA launched a campaign to help raise funding for this second version. We came to many of you – Coram Deo students and fellow teachers and trainers – and you came through! Within just eight days, the campaign was fully funded thanks to your support and a matching grant.

Jeff Wright, DNA director of donor development, reflects, “It was very encouraging to see the response from the DNA family in support of this project. We believe in the impact of this discipleship tool, and it’s great to have so many people generously invest in the Bengali-speaking church.”

Thank you for your support! We hope to release this special version of Coram Deo for Muslim-background believers within the next couple of months.

Click here to learn more about Coram Deo

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