2018 Asia Forum: Celebrating God’s work

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At the end of September, the Disciple Nations Alliance hosted a gathering for leaders and trainers actively engaging DNA messaging in Asia. More than 40 pastors, ministry leaders, and trainers came together in Chiang Mai, Thailand to share ideas and models for biblical worldview-based community transformation. Attendees shared impact stories from churches and communities across Asia, which told of God’s work and faithfulness on the continent. Presenters included Geeta Mondol of the Ashish Foundation, Dr. Eisuke Kanda of Friends of the Voiceless International, Munkhuu Tuvshin from Mongolia, Scott Allen, Dwight Vogt, DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt, and many others.

Over forty delegates gathered at the Juniper Tree Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Those who attended affirmed that the time was encouraging and valuable:

I was inspired by many powerful presentations filled with actual cases of how the biblical truths have been applied in transforming the communities, and by the fact that it was taking place across the Asia Region and beyond in many parts of the globe in many different cultural settings. Lectures by Darrow and Bob were a gem. -DNA partner, Japan

The conference helped me see that my biblical business leadership school is also helping people to walk out of poverty–by empowering and equipping them with biblical worldview as well as leadership, business and life skills. My target people group is working adults in urban cities who are currently stuck in the rat race with no idea of their God-given destinies. -Dorcas, Singapore

I was inspired to see how the Lord is working through the leaders of the DNA. Their hearts, passion, commitment and unity to disciple the nations helped me see my part in my community/country. I was blessed beyond words. … [I want] to help the local churches realize they’re blessed enough to be a blessing in their community and create a model of self-sustainable ministry. –Jay-ar, Philippines

I have seen a great family who are working to see a transformed world. Before, I thought we were the only people on the planet doing this work. I have found a family. -DNA partner, Pakistan


DNA president, Scott Allen, writes this reflection:

The Asia forum brought together an amazing group of Christian “nation-disciplers” from 15 countries. What makes this time so rich is the unity we have as brothers and sisters in Christ, working together in common mission to strengthen and equip local churches to disciple their nations, and using a common set of training ideas and materials. In addition, for most of us, we’ve been friends for many years, with relationships going back, in some cases, 20 years or more.

While we have tremendous unity, there is also tremendous diversity. We come from different countries, work in different organizations and ministries, and have different ways that we express the DNA’s teaching. Some are in leadership positions in denominational missions organizations, some are trainers working with churches in impoverished, rural communities, some are working in large urban areas with persecuted churches, some are working with disabled children, and more.

All of this combines to make our gatherings a very rich time of fellowship, learning and inspiration. A core part of the ministry of the DNA is to simply convene these very gifted, brilliant Christian ministers so they can grow in relationship and learn from one another.


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