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DNA training inspires poetry and education in West Africa (Don’t miss this video!)

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DNA members on the Samaritan Strategy team in West Africa have been strategically discipling their community for years. The team is led by Chris Ampadu, who faithfully teaches biblical truths and raises up others to do the same.

Nathaniel Ogli is a volunteer trainer on the team. He is also a talented artist. Inspired by Hope for Africa, Nathaniel created a spoken word to spread the message to his continent. We highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch it!

Watch Nathaniel Ogli’s “Africa…Why?”

(Or visit https://vimeo.com/311737883)

Nathaniel is one of many on the Samaritan Strategy team in West Africa who is using his gifts to disciple his nation.

Another volunteer trainer working with Chris is Theophilus Atauhene Adu. Theophilus first came in contact with DNA materials at a  Vision Conference led by Chris Ampadu a little over two years ago. Theophilus writes,

My life has greatly been impacted by DNA materials. My perspective [on] life and relationship [with] God and creation has improved significantly. … Being associated with Chris has also affected my life in a positive way … everything I do now is being guided by Coram Deo.

Theophilus has been working alongside Chris as a volunteer trainer and coordinator in Ghana and other parts of West Africa ever since. He works with youth, teaching them about Jesus’ model for growth and service, the Irreducible Minimum, Kingdom Math, and Seed Projects. Because of the diversity of demographics and geography among these communities, Theophilus spends time adjusting and contextualizing the concepts to best meet the needs of his students.

Theophilus with students in West Africa

Theohilus and Nathaniel are part of a small team introducing Monday Church concepts to local schools, focusing on three areas where students can glorify God with their careers – creative arts, agriculture, and technology. Nathaniel teaches students how to write and compose songs, poems, and the spoken word. Devine Odonkorboth teaches snail farming. And Theophilus teaches website and social media development.

In addition, Theophilus and Chris’ son, Eugene, are experimenting with new ways to get the material and teaching to youth. Currently, they are teaching themselves cinematography in order to be able to tell their stories with visuals that fit the context.

Theophilus is encouraged by the impact of the truths they are teaching. “It’s amazing to see how lives are transformed by simple truths and obedience after years of believing in lies and being blinded by worldviews like animism and secularism,” he writes.

School ministry (top and bottom)

It’s amazing to see how lives are transformed by simple truths and obedience after years of believing in lies and being blinded by worldviews like animism and secularism.

If you have created something to effect change for the kingdom in your sphere of art or work, let us know. We would love to see (or hear) it.

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