Global Forum 2019 – A great success!

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Earlier this month, the Disciple Nations Alliance held its 13th Global Forum. It was our biggest Forum yet, with 150 people from over 30 countries in attendance. Many agreed that it was also our best Forum yet!

A big thank you to George Oliveira, DNA champion in Brazil, for capturing the week in this video!  

The Global Forum is a bi-annual event where DNA leaders, trainers and champions gather from around the world to learn from one another, share stories of impact, fellowship and celebrate what the Lord is doing.

At this year’s Forum, we heard story after story of how DNA ideas and teachings are being contextualized and spread throughout the world. Biblical worldview is reaching into schools, churches, art, and even government buildings. We also had the privilege of learning from Vishal Mangalwadi about the gospel’s power to reform nations in end times.

Attendees were both inspired and encouraged:

“I was encouraged so much to see how God moves through his beloved Church in different parts of the world by fulfilling his Word which says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.” –Nini, Colombia

“… It is an unbelievable blessing for me to attend this.” -Blake, USA

“Even though we have been working with the book Discipling Nations, being at this forum has broadened and clarified on a greater level the vision of the transformation that God wants to bring to our nations.” -Mark, Mexico

“The best part of the Forum was … the reunion with many colleagues and the knowledge of what God continues to do with the efforts of [the DNA].” –Cesar, Peru

“Thanks to all who made the Forum [happen]. Each of you inspires me to be a better server.” –Luisa, Paraguay

“Thank you very much … It is very valuable and important to continue this movement for the discipleship of the nations.” -Paulo, Colombia

God is using biblical worldview truths and materials to transform communities, churches and individuals throughout the world. Global Forums provide a unique opportunity to hear about this transformation firsthand and give glory to God as a united group. A big thank you to everyone who was involved! We are already looking forward to the next Forum coming in early 2021.

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