Easter Part 2: Representatives in a Foreign Land

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How does Easter’s message interweave our daily lives? Jesus’ reign is not confined to some spiritual reality. His kingship radically transforms every aspect of our existence. From personal identity to societal influence, we peel back layers of cultural misconceptions to expose a truth that emboldens us to live fearlessly within the victory of the resurrection.

We take time to especially consider the significance of words and definitions and how these can influence society to understand truth or believe lies. We live in a word-based universe. Words aren’t just sounds we utter; they are the very fabric of creation. A biblical worldview brings clarity to terms that our culture wrestles with. As we reflect on the power of language, we are reminded of a call to action from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, to revolt against the lies that threaten the flourishing of our world.

As ambassadors of Christ, we recognize our role to represent Him in every area and in every way to a seemingly foreign world, through servant leadership and rooted in truth. Celebrate with us the triumph of the resurrection and Christ’s ongoing work, recognizing our part in the grand narrative that is far from over.

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Is Jesus the king, not just in the church, but in your business, your home, your marriage, on your sports team, whatever it is? How does it change the way you're living right now? Are you bringing a change in culture? [45:45]

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The Kingdomizer Training Program

When the principles of the Bible are understood as a comprehensive worldview, it has tremendous power to work transformation in individuals, families, communities, and even nations. Too often, Christians are ineffective because they have absorbed cultural thinking that is not in alignment with truth.

Not all worldviews are equal. Some lead to brokenness and poverty, while the biblical worldview leads to God’s intended flourishing and the blessing of the nations. Our Kingdomizer Training Program can help you understand the biblical worldview and discover areas in your own thinking that need to be transformed by God’s Word. 

More than a million people have now been trained in 115 countries. Explore it for yourself! Get started with our completely free Kingdomizer Training Program in English today!

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