Coram Deo “Monday Church” course is in production!

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We recently began filming the second course for Coram Deo: A School for Discipling Nations, our online training program!

This second course, called Monday Church, will focus on the integration of faith and vocation and is expected to launch in April 2016.

We launched the first course, called Basics, in May 2014 and, since then, we’ve had more than 1,500 people from 75 countries create free accounts to access the learning materials. It’s been amazing to hear what God has done through this training in individuals, churches and communities around the world.

From one Coram Deo user in New Zealand:

“Undertaking Coram Deo has been a transforming journey. It has widened my understanding of discipling wholistically, it has helped me critically look at what is happening around me – how can I bring God’s truth in a loving way. We are all called to live according to God’s will – it’s not just spiritually, it is physically, socially and in wisdom. If we only focus on one aspect we are only perpetuating the problems we currently have and encourage more in the future.

It has also taught me about evaluating my worldview in relation to reality so that I can grow into God’s likeness and accomplish his purpose. It has been challenging but I believe it is an important part of being a disciple of Jesus and discipling a nation. Our calling is to LOVE and SERVE others – this is God’s very nature and for me it is to reflect the same image of HIM.

God is in control of all things, his role in my life is to form me into a servant who reflects the character of Jesus. To be an ambassador of his Kingdom on earth, to penetrate culture under his authority. The Church is the window where the broken world can see God’s good plan for all areas of people’s lives – spiritually, physically, socially and in wisdom. It is important that as a church we are obedient to God’s word so that we are not creating a wall that prevents the world from knowing about God’s great love for all people – HIS salvation and restoration is for ALL now and in the future.

Thank God for the team at Discipling Nations – I have been truly blessed by the teaching and look forward to sharing his great resource with others.”

See more impact of Coram Deo in Nairobi, Kenya and in Arizona, USA.

This second course, expected to launch in April 2016, will be called Monday Church and will dive deeply into how our daily vocations can be used to glorify God and build his kingdom when we have our minds and hearts aligned with the biblical worldview. Even the most mundane, seemingly insignificant tasks can be worship to God, and each of us has an important role to play in his Great Commission every day of the week.

“The purpose of education, then, is to equip the next generation to govern well over all of God’s things, even in their broken condition.”
-Christian Overman, Worldview Matters

This course will feature testimonies from everyday people in a variety of vocations who think biblically about their work. We also have plans to film special excerpts with Os Guinness, John Stonestreet, Wayne Grudem and other well-respected thought leaders, and we have one session dedicated to helping pastors work this teaching into the fabric of their congregations.

Stay tuned for more, and please pray for the DNA secretariat team, our video experts at Cinder Creative, and all those involved in this project!

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