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Church leaders in two South American nations—Chile and Paraguay—recently hosted DNA co-founder Darrow Miller. Darrow 1

This was Darrow’s fourth visit to Chile. He taught Worldview, Lifework, Social Justice, The Maternal Heart of God, and Nurturing Nations.

Churches involved included the Christian Missionary Alliance and Encuentro de Dios Church, in Santiago.

Pastor José Mardones Rivera of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Temuco, was excited about the results.

I thank God for allowing us to have Brother Darrow Miller in our church. He was a blessing to many in the city.

Each night we had hundreds of people from different churches in the city of Temuco, a city located in the region of Araucania, 700 kilometers from the capital, Santiago.

We were impacted by the Word of God, delivered by a humble servant of great conviction and missionary passion.

The central theme was transforming cultures. Brother Miller emphasized the untold story of the biblical worldview, social justice, and Christianity. Finally as a seal of gold, he spoke about the role of the woman in a globalized world.

God spoke powerfully through his servant. The people were impacted and overwhelmed by the Word of God.

The honor and the Glory be to God.

darrow 2Antonio Montiel coordinated the Paraguay event. This session followed a Vision Conference two years ago.

The highlight in Paraguay (Darrow’s third time there) was a Training of Trainers, a one-day session for those spreading the DNA message in the country. A second day was given to pastors and other church leaders.

As Darrow noted,

The leadership in Paraguay has developed a comprehensive, nationwide plan for seeing the    church engage society. The subject of worldview is at the heart of the plan with a training team of about 20 people.

The DNA efforts in Paraguay include an unusual level of collaboration between business leaders and church leaders to spread the teaching. This unique blend has the possibility of inspiring DNA efforts in other countries.

Darrow ended his time on a high note, writing to Latin American DNA coordinators,

Just a brief note to let you know that this trip has been wonderful. The teams in Chile and   Paraguay have done a good job putting the conferences/workshops together.

The biggest groups were in Temuco with about 500 in attendance each night. The groups in Santiago were slightly smaller but with a much larger percentage of young people, perhaps 70%. Lots of good interaction.

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