Book Launch and Concert in September

Are you a Christian artist who struggles with being an artist and serving God?

Through a biblical lens, Darrow Miller examines what it means to be a Christian artist and the role of beauty in the world. As the First Artist, God created the universe to be beautiful, and set a precedent for all mankind: to create art, not for religious obligation, but simply for the sake of beauty itself.

With scrutiny and honesty, A Call for Balladeers takes a hard look at the faulty perspective toward art and beauty held by many Christians today and uses the Bible to make a case for why the Church should be concerned with the arts. Miller provides a hopeful, liberating outlook for Christians who find themselves caught in a dilemma between their artistic endeavors and their desire to minister to their community.

There is no divide between art, beauty, and the Christian faith. God uses the arts and artists to advance His kingdom of truth, goodness, and beauty on earth as it is in heaven. A Call for Balladeers is a call to Christian artists to think biblically about art and to use their God-given talents to transform communities and nations.

Everyone is invited to the concert in Dana Point, CA on Friday, September 16!

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Darrow Miller is co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance and the author of Discipling Nations, LifeWork, Don’t Let Schooling Stand in the Way of Education, and many other books, articles, and Bible studies. For over forty years, he has taught internationally on worldview and development, apologetics, Postmodernism, and the dignity of women.

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