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Online course equips teachers to disciple children in a biblical worldview

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The Chrysalis AMO® Program offers both an enriched curriculum for children and Christian worldview courses for the adults who disciple them. For years, AMO has conducted face-to-face trainings for professional teachers, lay Christian teachers, and parents.

Now, those who wish to train others in the AMO curriculum and Principles of Christian Education that disciple the nation can take a 9-month intensive “Trainer of Teachers” course with a region-specific practicum.

Click to download the brochure for the 2017-2018 apprenticeship already in progress. Make plans to take the next apprenticeship in 2019!


“It is amazing what I have learned from this curriculum,” says Carmen Fañas de Sena, in the Dominican Republic. “I have been a Christian since 1981 and, for me, it’s been a marvelous learning experience even though we were teaching the Bible during our first years.

“It is like a puzzle that has been completed–before this curriculum, something was missing in my Christian life. So, this kind of experience has illuminated my vision and has given to me a different perspective of life as a Christian.”

Carmen began learning about the AMO Program in 2008 and currently applies it in her work in public schools and her local church. Today, she teaches the Psalms to 5th graders and Proverbs to 6th graders during the week, and she teaches the book of Luke to 4th graders on Sundays.

“I have learned the real meaning of a worldview for Christian education based on biblical principles,” says Carmen. “The concepts of self government, individuality, and Christian character have given me a new insight to be worked out in my daily life as a person–a wife, a mother, a teacher, a member of a church, and also with my extended family and friends.”

A graduate of the Trainer of Teachers course, Carmen says that training other teachers in this curriculum has helped her internalize the concepts and even gain new insights after more than eight years with the material.

To learn more about the AMO Program or the Trainer of Teachers course, email Cristina Inchaustegui (rd2@amoprogram.com) and Elizabeth Youmans (eyoumans@chrysalisinternational.org).

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Luis fernando Arias
Luis fernando Arias
5 years ago

Estaremos realizando el entrenamiento para maestros de programa Amo en cali, colombia
por favor escribir a mi correo para informacion luisfernandoarias@comunifecali.org

Disciple Nations Alliance

Gracias, Luis!

5 years ago

Quiero tomar el curso porque voy hacer maestra en mi iglesia local y soy mentora de un grupo de oracion y mi deseo es aprender.graciasla iglesia es en cali colombia se llama cruzada cristiana central .y nos enzrños cosmovision dos dia de ayuno la pastora yarley niño y nos dio este me dio para capacitarnos.

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