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God’s NGO at work in Nepal

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At the DNA, we often say that the church is God’s NGO: his chosen agency for restoring, healing and blessing broken nations. Rarely has that been seen more acutely than in these weeks following the earthquakes in Nepal.

At least 8,500 people are known to have died in Nepal following a series of earthquakes that began on April 25.
At least 8,500 people died in Nepal following a series of earthquakes that began on April 25.

Many DNA-trained Nepalese Christian churches have worked together to lead the emergency-relief effort in parts of Nepal not reached by large international agencies.

In the days and weeks following the first earthquake on April 25, the populous capital city was inundated with relief agencies and resources while people scattered in remote, mountainous villages sat waiting for help.

Local Christians, many of whom experienced their own losses during the quakes, assembled for action, beginning with prayer.

Team praying
Vision Network Nepal, who organized this meeting of prayer and strategy, is mobilizing local Christian churches to serve those most devastated by the earthquakes.

Vision Network Nepal (VNN), the DNA’s local network, has been working for 10 years to train more than 1,000 local churches in biblical worldview and wholistic ministry. These churches, perfectly poised to serve their neighbors with the love and truth of Jesus, have ventured to places like Kaule, a small, remote village north of Kathmandu where at least 40 people died.

Existing local relationships, such as those fostered by VNN over the years, are invaluable in a time like this when traditional systems of infrastructure have broken down but the needs are urgent. Using local and international donations, VNN was able to provide six tons of rice and 62 tents to those in Kaule. This is just one example of the daily efforts put forth by Nepalese Christians through VNN.

Tek in plaid
VNN’s program coordinator (above, in white and blue shirt), a long-time friend of the DNA, is one of the leaders of VNN’s response to this crisis. 


Tek's son and daughter are engaged in the work, helping distribute medicine in Nuwakot (left) and bringing prayer, rice and tin for a new roof to a needy woman in Sankhu (right).
The program coordinator’s son and daughter are engaged in the work, helping distribute medicine in Nuwakot (left) and bringing prayer, rice and tin for a new roof to a needy woman in Sankhu (right).


VNN relief map
VNN has been administering physical, spiritual and emotional help to hurting families and individuals across Nepal. This map shows a few of the areas reached (click to zoom). Among the most-needed physical supplies include water, rice, cooking oil, blankets, medical supplies and tin for shelter.

Presently, VNN has nine teams from various regions of Nepal helping in four specific areas with great need. In each area, they are serving 100-140 families, providing rice and tin sheets to build shelters. The tents many people receive have proven too flimsy against the wind and rain, especially with the approaching rainy season. Attention is now turning to the need for permanent housing.

Blanket and tent
Communities now are considering how to build permanent homes and lessen their dependence on relief supplies, clearing rubble and rebuilding their lives.

DNA is partnering with Reconciled World to support VNN, a grassroots Nepalese organization that will walk with these communities the whole way–past emergency relief and toward the flourishing life God intended. Fully 100 percent of all donations we receive for Nepal are being sent to VNN for use among the local churches and communities with which they’re already walking.

Please watch for more updates in the days to come; we expect to receive more photos and reports soon from the VNN teams.

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