Easter Part 1: The Continuing Work of Christ

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The Hebrew people in the Old Testament anticipated a Messiah that would be a priest and a King, radically changing every area of our worldly experience, and restoring it to God’s original intentions. Welcome to a two-part Easter series as we look at the practical impact that Christ’s death and resurrection has on each of our lives. When Jesus came, He never intended for us to keep our faith relegated to attending church and being privately spiritual. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in us, and gives us power and purpose to continue His work in the world. Jesus says He is with us always and that He has all authority in heaven and on earth. He also calls us to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything He has commanded. This is an all-encompassing call, given by an omnipotent God. Where is He calling you to partner more fully with His ongoing work in the world?

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How do we live now that Jesus has been crowned king and has all authority over heaven and earth?

Scott Allen

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Listen to DNA Kingdomizer Arturo Cuba reflect on what it means that Jesus is King.

“There is no subatomic particle that does not obey His will.”

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24 days ago

Thank you for your time and thoughts. One huge difference that having a new heart shows is the motive behind all of our actions. For example being a good father is great but to discipline out of love is something else. Tough love.

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