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DNA leader in West Africa awarded honorary doctorate for training African Christian leaders

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We are proud to share that our friend Chris Ampadu, the long-time leader for the DNA in West Africa, recently was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Leadership Philosophy by the International Centre for Bible Research at the Cypress Bible Institute of the USA for training top Christian leaders on the African continent.

An associate of Harvest and Samaritan Strategy Africa, Chris has built key partnerships with many leading Christian organizations and influential leaders across the West African region. Click here to read past DNA news regarding Chris and his work.

Listen to Chris talk about fatalism in the worldview of West Africa and its impact on development. He shares how the Samaritan Strategy is bringing the biblical worldview to the minds of the people and how this is bringing change to their lives and communities:

Chris trains leaders all across Africa in Christian ministry, community development and biblical worldview. The award presented by the Cypress Bible Institute declared the positive impact Chris has made on the doctrines of Jesus Christ and how those he trained have gone on to transform their societies as Christian missionaries and examples of Jesus.

Chris and family
Here sits Chris with his wife, Adjoa, and their children. We thank God for Chris for Chris’ obedience to God’s leading.



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3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Pastor Chris. We are proud of you. You have being a great blessing to us in West Africa especially in Nigeria.
    You and your family have being a source of encouragement to us. You are truly a leader with a difference.
    May the Lord continue to elevate you in Jesus’ name.
    Coram Deo.

  2. Congratulation to our dear Elder Chris who with the help of the Lord has made it to this level, the sky is your limit.

  3. Congraturation dear brother in the Lord! Praise the Lord for this very big step The Lord has helped you to do for benefit of many leaders in the world specially in Africa. Now the field is more extended.

    We are together in the Lord praying for your impact in the region

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