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The DNA in Colombia: A story of church unity

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On March 17, 2017, the DNA movement in Colombia officially launched, with about 900 Colombian pastors agreeing to work together toward the discipling of their nation. DNA Global Leadership Team member Yarley Niño, who also serves as the DNA’s key contact for Puerto Rico, is Colombian by descent and describes how this movement came to be.

“This camp has been designed to disciple the new generation with the principles of the kingdom of God,” says Yarley.

In January 2011, we conducted a 4/14 Window Camp for kids ages 4-14 in Bogotá. It is a 7-day camp where the participants are introduced to the seven spheres of influence in a society (family, education, government, economics, science, media, arts) and the importance of finding their vocational callings from God to transform their societies and nations. Since that date, I have been invited to minister to the young people every summer, by the Assemblies of God church Manantial de Vida Eterna in Bogotá.

In 2016, the Colombians protested against the “peace agreements” made by the President of the nation, which also included “the ideology of gender” and LGBT agenda promoted by the United Nations throughout Latin America. As a consequence of that agenda, Pastor Héctor Pardo and many other pastors from across the nation united their efforts and presented the Church’s point of view, organizing themselves to come against this agenda as a “voice of protest” representing the church of Colombia. They said they wanted also to bring “hope” to those who defend the family institution as designed by God.

All these events opened the doors and prepared the way for Bogotá to celebrate its first Vision Conference (VC). Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt joined us as main speakers.

As a result of this first VC, we celebrated the first Training of Trainers (TOT) event for Latin America, where we had 120 participants from 11 nations. The delegation from Colombia was the biggest one, with 32 in attendance.

After the TOT, the Colombians understood that it was the right time to launch the DNA movement in Colombia on March 17, 2017.

About 900 pastors from all over the country participated in this event, embracing the ADN movement with great enthusiasm and hope for the transformation of their nation.

We have developed a “strategic plan” focused on reaching every province of Colombia in the coming years with the biblical worldview and kingdom teachings.

In preparation for the teachings, one church bought 4,000 copies each of Discipling Nations and God’s Unshakable Kingdom, to be distributed among the leaders of the Assemblies of God churches being trained across the country.

Every Tuesday, I [Yarley] meet with 68 pastors through video conference to discuss Discipling Nations chapter by chapter. By now, the pastors have begun teaching to their own congregations these kingdom principles.

They are putting into practice what they are learning.

We are also studying the topic “Machismo y Matriarcado,” the teachings from Professor José González, which is the system that was established by the Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century. The churches have been able to put into practice the teachings from “The ABCs of Culture,” rejecting one of the fundamental blocks of our Latin culture: the lies sown that consider men superior to women. In this way, we have been replacing lies with the Truth and overcoming the ignorance in which Satan has kept us for so many years.

I have witnessed the many testimonies from couples who are practicing “The Discipline of Love” in their own nuclear families, in order to break off this evil system rooted in our culture. Also, many pastors have been very interested in learning about the biblical principles of civil government, to be able to combat the social and political issues they are confronting nowadays.

In Colombia, we are experiencing a great awakening among our pastors and their churches because we have encountered a great need for teaching and training.

As a result, we celebrated another Vision Conference in the city of Cali, the southwestern region of Colombia, in May 2017.

Here, 170 pastors and leaders were confronted with evangelical gnosticism and the vision of the kingdom of God. They were so impacted that the pastors are organizing another Vision Conference for this coming July, 2017.


“We know that, in different stages of our life and ministry, God allows us to meet with strategic and transcendental alliances or movements,” says Pastor Luis Fernando Arias of Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana de Fe in Cali. “This has been our experience with DNA–a divine encounter.

“As a pastor and social activist, we know that our Colombian nation is in a kairos time. The DNA’s training brings us a deeper and broader vision to help us mature and fulfill the purposes the heavenly Father has for our nation.

“The teaching and the connection with other ministries show us that IT IS POSSIBLE TO DISCIPLE OUR NATION! This movement has connected us with the truth, tools, and alliances to be able to achieve this goal. It enlarges our mission, beyond our local church or denomination, to serve a greater vision in conjunction with the body of Christ in our nation and on the American continent. We have one purpose: to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ with our passion and to transform our nation so that it may reflect truth, freedom, beauty and justice.

“We are dreaming of reformation and revival in our Latin American continent.”

Yarley concludes:

Presently, we have 956 persons enrolled in the Coram Deo online course, more than 600 of whom are from Colombia.

Please keep Colombia in your prayers as they are facing congressional and presidential elections next year with a very real threat of losing their religious liberty.

Contact Yarley at yarleynn@gmail.com.

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Gabriela Vargas
Gabriela Vargas
5 years ago

Please do one conference in Bogotá! There are so many of us that would really enjoy it and need it!

Disciple Nations Alliance

Hello Gabriela, please contact Yarley Nino (yarleynn@gmail.com) regarding a conference in Bogotá; she will be able to tell you if one is coming up.

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