DNA Affiliate Leader in Uganda Survives World Cup Bombing

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Francis Mugoga is a pastor at Watoto Church, Kampala. He also serves as trainer and fund-raising co-coordinator at Transforming Nations Alliance, a DNA affiliate. He recently sent the following testimonial about the impact of Darrow and the DNA ministry.

I have always wanted to write you and just say a big “Thank You” for your committed service to the Master. You may never know how much you impacted my life, but I want to say, the message you have proclaimed the last 20+ years is the Message of Christ and there is no doubt about that. It is the message of our time. I always refer to you as the Apostle Paul of our time. I have been blessed by you and I can’t contain what God has given me through you other than to pass it on to other people.

I have all your mind-boggling materials that you gave to us during your trainings in the early nineties and whenever I look through them, they are fresh as if you wrote them yesterday. All the former staff of FHI/U are moved by your materials and each one of them has a totally different understanding of what being a Christian means. Each one of us has more than one project started as a result of your teachings. When you come over to Uganda we would like to meet with you for coffee and just share with you what God has done and what he is continuing to do as a result of the FIRE YOU started in Uganda through Food for the Hungry.

On July 11, Francis was with a group of Ugandan and American Christians enjoying an evening at the Ethiopian Village Restaurant when a suicide bomber blew himself up a few feet away. Over 70 people were killed, including three who were with Francis: Peter Mutabazi, pastor of Bwaise Pentecostal Church; Becky Tendo Nakitende, a member of the worship team; and Francis Okecho.

Six Americans were injured, including five who sustained serious injuries. They were in Uganda for summer project work and ministry at Bwaise Pentecostal Church. This church is situated in one of the biggest Muslim-populated slums in Kampala.

The group had decided on the Ethiopian Village Restaurant to watch the World Cup final game between Spain and the Netherlands.

Another worship-team member, Ugandan-Ivan, sustained less serious injuries. Francis and one American miraculously escaped injury.

Further details are available here and here.

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11 years ago

The Church is thriving in kampala and we continue to see Gods Purposes and Plans established!!!

Thank u for all u do!!

Uganda is on fire!!!

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