Biblical Worldview’s Influence on Family and Vocation with George Oliveira

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Have you ever pondered how an unwavering faith can shape a person’s life and influence entire cultures? George Oliveira embodies DNA’s core values and models transformation through 20 years of integrating biblical worldview principles into every area of life, from family to education and vocation. George reminds us of the potency of Scripture and its relevance to every aspect of creation. You will be encouraged and invigorated by how practical the biblical worldview is as you consider God’s will for your own life.

Special Guest

George Oliveira has been a DNA Kingdomizer for almost 20 years, teaching, training, translating, and creating content for Disciple Nations Alliance. He’s taken every DNA course and continues to serve the Portuguese-speaking DNA family. Oliveira has pastored Lakeland Bible Presbyterian Church in Florida since 2022. Before coming to the U.S. from Brazil, Oliveira earned an undergraduate in music and a degree in theology, all while serving Christ in local church plants, school education, and with Rebeca (his wife) in the home education of his five children.

What You'll Hear

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The biblical worldview is the difference between dependency thinking: “We have nothing, there’s nothing we can do.” Versus sort of an entrepreneurial, creative cultural mentality – which sets a people and nation on a very different course.

  • [12:37] What saddens me is that I come from such a rich country, yet lies have impoverished the cultural thinking, so that the mentality is that we can’t do anything for ourselves and we need outside help.

  • [12:53] Through a biblical worldview, we understand that our calling is to bring a countercultural idea of what it means to be a citizen, helping the people and the nation flourish.
Go Deeper

The Kingdomizer Training Program

When the principles of the Bible are understood as a comprehensive worldview, it has tremendous power to work transformation in individuals, families, communities, and even nations. Too often, Christians are ineffective because they have absorbed cultural thinking that is not in alignment with truth.

Not all worldviews are equal. Some lead to brokenness and poverty, while the biblical worldview leads to God’s intended flourishing and the blessing of the nations. Our Kingdomizer Training Program can help you understand the biblical worldview and discover areas in your own thinking that need to be transformed by God’s Word. 

More than a million people have now been trained in 115 countries. Explore it for yourself! Get started with our completely free Kingdomizer Training Program in English today!

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Healthy families produce healthy nations. Healthy families are those united by a solid spiritual foundation in Christ. Today, the prevailing culture has redefined marriage and family, and its habits of thought and practice dominate, even in the Church. Christian parents need a biblical vision of wholeness and joy in marriage and family life and a practical plan for applying the wisdom and power of God’s Word to their lives. As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation is a primer of principles and practices that illuminates God’s pathway for righteous marriages, parenting, and family life. God’s way is the way of beauty, truth, and goodness, the way of celebration, blessing, and healing love in our homes and in our nations. God established the family as the bedrock of society to reveal the kingdom of Christ here on earth. Discover HIS way and and walk in it!

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