Walter Rutto and TCN: The ripple effect of one changed life

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“Ideas have consequences. Especially those centering on worldview.” -Darrow Miller, Discipling Nations

Rev. Walter Rutto, founder and CEO of the Transformational Compassion Network in Kenya

Here at Disciple Nations Alliance, we often hear stories from people who can testify to this truth. One such individual is Walter Rutto. Reverend Rutto is founder and CEO of the Transformational Compassion Network (TCN) in Kenya, an interdenominational ministry that seeks to empower churches and organizations to make a difference in the lives of the suffering and marginalized through the spreading of truth and biblical worldview.

Walter began as a missionary under Africa Gospel Church in 1997, serving in three communities in Kenya. His primary focus was saving souls and preparing people for heaven. Then in 2006, after hearing the story of one woman’s struggle to provide for her family, his worldview was challenged. He began wondering if all these years, he had not been preaching the whole truth. Surely, the gospel is not just for heaven, but for life on earth here and now as well.

After returning home to Kericho that year, Walter began a search for deeper truth. But everything he found felt like merely bits and pieces of a larger picture. He did not realize it then, but God was working behind the scenes.

During this time of searching, Walter felt compelled to begin developing the truth he was discovering into a curriculum outlining a more wholistic approach to ministry. In 2007, he presented the curriculum to his church, proposing training for pastors in this wholistic approach. As he was waiting outside the church administrator’s office, he walked past a public notice board and saw a letter from Dr. Philip Renfroe, a missionary with World Gospel Mission in America. The letter was proposing the same thing—education of pastors on wholistic ministry. “Immediately I felt [the] heaviness in my heart [lift].” Walter reached out to Dr. Renfroe, who in turn sent him the DNA’s booklet, “The Transforming Story”. In this booklet, Walter found everything he had been looking for: the gospel presented in a way that integrated every aspect of human life.

Walter found everything he had been looking for: the gospel presented in a way that integrated every aspect of human life.

Reverend Rutto has been passionate about learning and training pastors and communities ever since. This year, he felt the call to leave his role as director of compassion network at Africa Gospel Church and serve full-time with TCN training church leaders.

One aspect of this training is the curriculum Walter developed, entitled Theology and Sustainable Community Development. TCN has partnered with Kenya Highlands Evangelical University to make this curriculum available as part of a certificate program. Walter describes the curriculum as DNA vision conference material contextualized for Kenya. It emphasizes that poverty is not a lack of resources, but a lack of ideas. You can learn more about this course at TCN’s website.

The truth that God desires our lives to flourish here on earth has been transformational in the lives of students across Kenya. For Bernard Kibet, a Kenyan farmer, it was this truth that transformed his farm into a thriving source of income and resources. His community has seen the transformation, and young people are desiring to follow in his footsteps. You can read more of Bernard’s story here, thanks to Sas Conradie at Tearfund.

Walter plans to strengthen training programs in at least four counties of Kenya. He also wants to return to the mission fields where he ministered ten years ago, communities which have been receiving relief for years. Yet Walter recognizes that with the right training, the people of these communities can learn to use the local resources around them. Walter desires to focus on empowering people through farming and entrepreneurship, helping them generate their own income and, thereby, sustain their households and support church ministries. Walter has asked for our prayers in his new role and responsibilities at TCN. We extend this request to you, our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Walter Rutto’s story is a testament to how truth spreads like ripples in water and can have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact. We encourage you to share this story with a friend. You never know how one story, one book, one message could change someone’s life, and maybe even their community, forever.


Do you want to learn more about biblical worldview? We recommend reading Discipling Nations by DNA co-founder Darrow Miller or listening at Also, a fully updated and revised version of Discipling Nations will be available within the next couple of months! Check back for updates.

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