The Development Ethic: Hope for a Culture of Poverty

1. A Paper by Darrow L. Miller (18 pages)

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2. A Bible Study by Darrow L. Miller (44 pages)

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The Development Ethic Bible Study is an in-depth study into 13 truths that transform individuals and cultures.

As the creator of the universe and mankind, God established natural law, moral law and a framework in his word to guide us in fulfilling the creation mandate to fill and rule the earth. As image-bearers of God, we must discover and apply these laws. This is the focus of this Bible study.

These truths provided the outline for Darrow’s book Discipling Nations which, in turn, provided the content for the Coram Deo Basics Course.

This Bible study gives you the opportunity to look at the foundation of these life-changing truths and personalize them for your own life.



Why do some peoples and cultures become “developed,” while others continue to struggle for survival? Observation of a wide range of cultures provides insights and answers. A culture’s successful development, it seems, is birthed by its religious and philosophic underpinnings. The minds and hearts of its people play a larger role in a nation’s development than its circumstances or natural resources. There is an ethic—a set of principles—which creates fertile soil for development. In contrast, there is another set of principles which strands its adherents in a quagmire of underdevelopment.


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