Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice

An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis

Prepare yourself to defend the truth against the greatest worldview threat of our generation.

Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis. A book by Scott David Allen, president of the Disciple Nations Alliance  published by Credo House Publishers


"Highly recommended!"
Wayne Grudem, PhD
Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary
“We have long needed a book like this. Every serious Christian—especially every pastor—should read and heed the wisdom it contains.”
Tom Ascol
Senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, Florida), President of Founders Ministries
"I urge you to read and share this book immediately and widely!”
Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Author of Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas Founder and former executive director of the Veritas Forum

Why this book was written

In recent years, a set of ideas rooted in postmodernism and neo-Marxist critical theory have merged into a comprehensive worldview. Labeled “social justice” by its advocates, it has radically redefined the popular understanding of justice. It purports to value equality and diversity and to champion the cause of the oppressed. It is characterized by its:

  • obsession with power, oppression, and victimization. It sees a world divided between evil oppressors and innocent victims in a zero-sum power struggle.
  • fixation on race, gender, and sexual orientation as defining characteristics of personal identity.
  • hostility toward Judeo-Christian beliefs about marriage, family, sexuality, and much more.

Like a snowball rolling down a mountainside, it has gained incredible momentum in the broader culture.

The cultural critic Wesley Yang calls it “the successor ideology” to the older Judeo-Christian worldview that shaped the West and America for centuries. According to New York Times editorialist Ross Douthat, it is “inchoate and half-formed and sometimes internally contradictory, defined more by its departures from older liberal ideas than by a unified worldview.” Noah Rothman observes that “It influences how businesses structure themselves. It is altering how employers and employees relate to one another. It has utterly transformed academia. [And] it is remaking our politics with alarming swiftness.” Today, it is deeply embedded in our institutions, particularly in education, media, entertainment, and business. It has also made deep inroads into American evangelicalism.

Yet far too many Christians have little knowledge of this ideology, and consequently, don’t see the danger. Many evangelical leaders confuse ideological social justice with biblical justice. Of course, justice is a deeply biblical idea, but this new ideology is far from biblical.
In fact, Biblical Christianity and ideological social justice are distinct and incompatible worldviews. They are opposed in their understanding of ultimate reality, power, authority, human nature, morality, epistemology, and much more. These differences matter. They will inevitably lead to vastly different kinds of societies.

The culture that is emerging around us from the worldview of critical social theory is one marked by hostility, division, and a false sense of moral superiority. A culture where truth is replaced by power, and gratitude by grievance. A culture where your identity is defined by your tribe and your tribe is always in conflict with other tribes.

It is imperative that Christ-followers, tasked with blessing their nations, wake up to the danger, and carefully discern the difference between Biblical justice and its destructive counterfeit.

This book aims to replace confusion with clarity by holding up the counterfeit worldview and the Biblical worldview side-by-side, showing how significantly they differ in their core presuppositions. It challenges Christians to not merely denounce the false worldview, but offer a better alternative—the incomparable Biblical worldview, which shapes cultures marked by genuine justice, mercy, forgiveness, social harmony, and human dignity.

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