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The Disciple Nations Alliance is promoting a series of video messages about biblical principles which is circulating in the Arabic world via Facebook and YouTube.  It’s called Cry Freedom.

You can view them here (including versions with English subtitles) and also connect with others on the topic on Facebook.

Please view these videos and share them with anyone in your social network who has connections in the Middle East.

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  1. The Cry Freedom videos are wonderful. Is there a plan to translate them into Spanish and contextualize them for Hispanics? We would love pass them on to our friends in Bolivia. Blessings.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      No, we haven’t planned on translating these into Spanish as they were created primarily for audiences in the Middle East/North Africa region. Would you be interested in translating and contextualizing the content for your Bolivian friends?

      -Mary at the Disciple Nations Alliance

      1. Hi Mary,
        Thanks for responding to my question. I don’t know Spanish, but I have friends in the US and Bolivia who do. Could someone at DNA supply the script in English and remove the Arabic writing from the video, and then dub the voice in Latin American Spanish back into the video? Thank you.
        Nancy Whisler

        1. Hi Nancy,

          We could supply you with the raw footage from the video (Arabic subtitles not included) and the script in English. You would have to find someone to translate it into LA Spanish, do the voice recording, and edit it all together. Would that work for you; do you want me to send you the raw video footage and English script?


          1. Right now I don’t know of anyone who can do that. I will try to find someone and contact you if I am able to do it. Can you give me your contact info? I will probably lose this trail in the meantime.

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