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Fighting Ebola: Four DNA partners on the front line

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Very rarely do we ask for donations, but it only seems appropriate considering the crises facing our world today. Please take a moment to read below about four reputable DNA affiliate organizationscourageously fighting Ebola: a virus that is plunging whole communities into deep despair, now bringing local economies, food supplies and years of healthcare advancements down with it. Consider how you can generously support one or more of them.

Please note that we do not want you to send donations to the DNA which is simply an alliance of like-minded organizations. Rather, please give directly to the organizations themselves.

Women-of-Hope-Color-Logo-Web-e1408809835370Women of Hope International, usually focused on empowering and discipling women affected by disability in Sierra Leone, has been forced to shift its focus since the arrival of Ebola in May. Now, about five people in Sierra Leone are diagnosed with Ebola every hour.

Leading the way with truth

So much of Ebola’s power lies in a lack of truth about both the science behind the virus and a biblical response to the crisis. As a result, Women of Hope has developed culturally relevant health-education materials that already have been translated into dozens of languages and freely distributed to literally hundreds of ministries and organizations across 10 countries in the region. Read their lesson “Ebola: A Biblical Church Response,” and click here to download more materials.

Providing literally lifesaving supplies

Evacuations, quarantines, curfews and other government policies intended to stop the virus inadvertently have impeded food production and stopped people from working or earning money. Women of Hope staff are doing all they can to sustain the lives of their own colleagues and the women in their programs during the Ebola crisis. Questions? Email Kim Kargbo.

Pray and give

Click here for a practical 21-day prayer guide.

Now through Oct. 31, all donations to Women of Hope for this crisis will be matched up to $50,000. Please give generously!

Give to Women of Hope

, the international missions arm of the Evangelical Free Church, is bringing local churches together in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, recruiting and training volunteer Ebola crisis-response teams to travel into rural areas. The volunteers take life-saving bleach, soap and awareness materials to distribute through local churches, schools and gathering spaces. Read their news update and one pastor’s grief over not being able to touch, hold or come near to comfort his beloved, dying brothers and sisters. Questions? Email Kevin Kompelien.

Give to ReachGlobal

CRWMChristian Reformed World Missions, the missions arm of Christian Reformed Church, is training local church leaders in Sierra Leone on how to deal with Ebola using a manual called “Overcoming the Ebola Epidemic.” Biblically  based, this manual is designed to help people overcome the panic, suspicion and fear that have overrun immediate health concerns in many areas of West Africa. Click below to donate to the “Ebola Manual Project” spearheaded by the Timothy Institute. Questions? Email Ron Geerlings.

Give to Christian Reformed World Missions

PI LogoPartners International is partnering in Liberia with The Association of Independent Churches of Africa  (AICA) which has churches, clinics, schools and an orphanage spread throughout the nation. AICA has lost six staff members to Ebola at one of its clinics–yet they are boldly moving forward with the outreach. Questions? Email Larry Andrews.

Give to Partners International


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