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Celebrating four years of growth for Coram Deo online courses

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Since launching the Spanish course in late 2016, the number of Coram Deo users has more than doubled.

In May 2014, the Coram Deo English Basics Course was launched out of a desire to make our core teaching readily available and easily accessible. Since then, the online training has experienced significant growth. God is using the truths presented in these courses to impact individuals and their communities in profound ways.

Since 2014, Coram Deo has seen over 4,300 registrants from 97 countries. In October 2016, the Monday Church course was launched, which addresses the integration of our God-given mission and our vocation.

In December 2016, the Basics Course was made available in Spanish and then in Portuguese less than one year later. Since launching the Spanish course in late 2016, the number of Coram Deo users has more than doubled!

The number of Coram Deo registrants has more than doubled since the launch of the Basics Course in May 2014.


Currently, three teams are working on additional translations across the globe. Courses in Bengali are projected to be available Spring 2018. Translation into Arabic is 50% complete, and French translation has just begun. Additionally, the Basics Course has been made available in the German language in workbook form. (You can also download the workbook directly from the German Coram Deo website here.)

Along with these new translations and resources come new reports of how the teaching has impacted individuals and communities around the world. Promotion of these courses is by word-of-mouth alone. We do not hear from everyone using them, but when we do it is encouraging.

Ena Richardson, who runs Siya Sebenza, an innovative employment training program for unemployed youth in the townships in South Africa, has her trainers go through the Basics Course. Amanda Forbes, founder and executive director at Trinity Education, has all the students take the course. In South Sudan, Isaac, a young man who has no internet access and relies solely on video transcripts, wrote:

The Holy Spirit arranged this course for such a time as this in this season of our lives… I was imagining how hard people worked to write the transcript for us… [We] can’t read through a transcript without pausing-literally standing up to shout and dance out of excitement! The realities in this transcripts are causing a revolution in our hearts and in our world view.

Isaac is not the only one experiencing this heart and worldview “revolution”:

I am so grateful to have found Coram Deo and understanding the responsibility that we have I definitely think my life is changing with this course.
-Participant in Colombia

The course was fantastic because it gave me additional tools for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. I learned that the Church is the window through which the lost can see the intentions of God in all four areas of life and how Jesus grew up in wisdom, physically, spiritually, and socially. Although the promise of a complete restoration of mankind is to be in the future (at the time of Jesus’ return), we (the Church) have a responsibility to accomplish the will of God here on earth today. I have also learned that to counter the lies that Satan has spread throughout the nations, we need to think critically at the level of culture in order to identify and analyze these lies in the light of the Bible, in order to endow our society with the biblical worldview.
– Participant from Brazil

Participants in South Africa write:

This course was life changing.  It has given me new insight into an understanding of discipleship, God’s will, and God’s mandate for us.  Some scriptures that I have read many times before, had a completely different meaning. I have learned about many new concepts.

I am busy with the Basics course, and it is life-changing! Thank you for sharing what you have learned with others! We look forward to see how it is going to change our community and nation by what we put in practice here in Limpopo, South Africa.

Thank you for allowing me to share in and be changed by these 12 life-changing lessons.

Lives are being transformed, and when lives are transformed, families, communities and nations are transformed. We are grateful for leaders around the globe who have said yes to training, spreading, and translating these truths and curriculum.

Interested in registering for Coram Deo or leading a group of friends through the course?  Click here to get started.

Questions? Contact us at info@disciplenations.org.



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  1. Dear brothers!
    Please can you kind send me a picture of your church in US?
    And also how many people (congregation) you actally host?

  2. Coram Deo es una herramienta poderosa que queremos implementar en Cuba ??. Nuestro deseo es ver a una Cuba caminando en el propósito y la cosmovisión de Dios.
    Mi esposa y yo estamos recibiendo este entrenamiento en Colombia. Por las facilidades que hay para el Internet. Contamos con sus oraciones. Janoi

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