No Shortage of What to Learn. The Shortage is Why.

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Christian OvermanChristian Overman says that there’s no shortage of what to learn in school. The shortage is why.

But what if your students, even grade school students, understood the Why of what they were learning, and not just the What?

Christian is on a mission to make that a reality.

Dr. Overman is a close friend of the DNA and an educator, writer, speaker and Colson Centurion who does coaching training.

He says his biggest concern about “young Christians being indoctrinated through secularized education is not that they will become atheists” but that they will become “Christian dualists.”

When students fail to put biology, art and math into the context of a biblical worldview, they will tend to become “Christian dualists,” seeing the Bible as relevant to their personal and private lives, or the affairs of the church, but not to business, law or civil service. Because of this view, many will leave their faith at the workplace door, as adults, and the world suffers.

To address that concern, Dr. Overman has just rolled out what he calls WRAP: the Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project.

The aspiration of WRAP is “To re-direct the course of history by embedding a biblical view of work and human flourishing into the standard Christian school curriculum, from pre-school through high school, to fully equip students to engage in something grand, beyond themselves, yet in the here and now, by engaging in work of all kinds (both present and future) as the very work of God.”

Sounds ambitious … sounds exciting!

WRAP “is a vigorous program for whole schools, not just individual teachers. Applications are now being accepted for the coming 2016-17 school year. The number of schools we are able to accept into the WRAP is limited. Early applicants have a better chance of receiving funding.”

Go here to read Christian’s original post.

Click below to download a full introduction to WRAP.

Download PDF

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