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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder with Brian Chan

Truth, goodness, and beauty are the hallmarks of the Kingdom of God, but sadly we often overlook the “beauty.” We all see a crystal clear river and say it is beautiful. We see another stagnate with debris and trash and say it is polluted and ugly. Why do we share this universal understanding of beauty? Where does this shared understanding come from? There is an intrinsic answer here that points straight back to our Creator. Today we are joined by artist, entrepreneur, professor, author, speaker, and pastor Brian S. Chan. Brian wrote his thesis on the beauty of God and art in worship and has never looked back as he continues to share and deepen his understanding of beauty and the Kingdom. During our discussion, we asked is beauty objective, where does it come from, why do humans pursue ugliness, when did the church have a vision for beauty, and what does a theology of beauty look like? Last, we get practical and ask how can each of us apply this concept into our daily lives.

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Biblical WorldviewCalling

How Do Ideas Disciple Nations?

63% of Americans claim to be Christians, yet our culture is becoming increasingly chaotic and full of sin. Why is this happening? The reason is that most Christians only know how to apply the Bible to certain areas of life. The consequence is that Christians have little to no impact on culture. Do you see it?

This episode will give you an introduction to Ideas Have Consequneces, the podcast of the Disciple Nations Alliance. This is an action-oriented show where you’ll hear from a variety of biblical worldview teachers, writers, and cultural commentators. Our goal is to apply the Bible to every area of life by wrestling with the most prominent ideas in our cultures and seeking to practically interact with them from a biblical perspective.

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Biblical WorldviewCalling

Without Vision the People Perish

“Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he” (Proverbs 29:18). Look around at our world, it’s chaotic, increasingly lawless, and people are metaphorically and physically perishing. Why? Because we lack vision. Or at least a lasting vision that’s based in reality, in God’s moral law and order. Join us as we dig into this incredibly relevant and practical proverb for today’s world. Listen as we explore ways to find our overarching vision as Christians, our specific God-given visions, and unpack counterfeits tempting us from all sides.

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Changed Mindsets Change Nations with Randall Hoag

Good ideas have good consequences. God’s ideas that He’s generously revealed to us through His word, when implemented, bring about healing, growth, and flourishing. Randall Hoag, president of Vision of Community Fellowship and president of Food for the Hungry International Federation, shares with us about his years of experience watching the transformative power of biblical worldview ideas being applied around the world. We’ve talked a lot about the power of good ideas on a theoretical level, but today we hear about how they actually work and will change lives and communities. Listen now and hear about how God used an impoverished farm that faithfully applied a biblical worldview to eventually transform an entire country.

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Christian Educationcritical theory

Arizona Christian Univ. v. Washington School District with Len and Tracy Munsil

In March, ACU filed a lawsuit against its local school district after the district permanently cut ties with the university’s student teachers because of their biblical convictions about marriage. Join us as we discuss the extremely broad ramification of such a clear violation of religious liberty and discrimination toward Christians. Our guests are Len Munsil, president of ACU, and his wife Tracy, the executive director of the Cultural Research Center and professor of political science and government. In the discussion, we ask what worldviews have brought us to this place and why Christians should push back against our increasingly post-Christian culture.

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Are You Using Your Authority Well?

When most people hear the word authority or think of the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, crony capitalism, authoritarianism, a power-hungry boss, or abusive parents, coaches, or teachers… The constant in all these cases is that the one in authority is not serving or seeking the best of those under them. They are abusing their role to amass power, which is antithetical to God’s intention for this vital role in His Kingdom. God calls us to authority, but not the authority we are all too familiar with in this fallen world. He says to those in authority, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave” (Matthew 20:26-27). Let’s look at God’s structure for authority–the only authority that leads to freedom, flourishing, and functional human relationships for those it serves.

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A Future Pro-Life Vision with Josiah Friedman

For the first time in 50 years in the United States, we find ourselves free from the deadly grip of Roe v Wade. Now with the decision to legalize abortion left up to the individual states, we find ourselves as a pro-life movement with a new set of questions. Chief among those is where do we go from here, now that our unifying mission has been accomplished? Today’s guest, Josiah Friedman, the founder and CEO of Voices for the Voiceless, offers us a vision for creating a God-honoring culture of life.

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The War on Men with Owen Strachan

While there is no such thing as “Toxic Masculinity,” the concept has wreaked havoc on men over the last 80 years. In the wake of second, and now third-wave feminism’s war against manhood, our understanding of what it means to be a man has faded. Today, Dr. Owen Strachan talks about what it means to be a strong “Biblical Man,” and about his upcoming book, The War on Men. Discover why we need real men in our churches, pulpits, and communities.

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Critical Race TheorySpecial Guest

Critical Dilemma with Neil Shenvi

Dr. Neil Shenvi is one of the leading critics of critical theory, speaking and writing about it for over seven years. During this time, we have seen the debate spread from the halls of academia to the dinner table. Today CRT and wokeism are widely understood, and the dividing lines between advocates and antagonists have been drawn–but the question looms, where do we go from here?
In this episode, we focus our discussion around the question of, what now? How can we, as Christians, not just point out a false worldview, but offer a better one? What is the better worldview, and what will boldly applying it look like?

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One Pastor’s Story: Overcoming Challenges Inside and Outside the Church with Blaine Braden

In a day and age when our churches are undergoing increasing pressure from culture to sit down and be quiet, how do pastors balance clear biblical preaching while also connecting its principles to our current cultural climate? We have all seen pastors who lean too heavily on engaging in the culture at the expense of the Scripture, or those who purely preach the Word without ever connecting it to the congregation’s lives. Pastor Blaine Braden from Eastmont Church in Oregon shares his thoughts on staying grounded and relevant as the church in a post-Christian culture.

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How to Solve Poverty with a Biblical Worldview | pt. Two with Terry & Tim Andrews

Imagine working tirelessly year after year to bring development to a community that vacillates between feast and famine, where some people struggle with chronic malnourishment. Still, no amount of money, planning, or technology ever seems to help the community change. Even after working with people for decades, they still have yet to embrace better crop selection and storage methods, and the middleman seems to take whatever profit could exist. Until you begin to see reality from an entirely different perspective. Once you share it with these communities, change begins to happen rapidly. Learn about this change firsthand from Tim Andrews as he shares his 30 years of experience working in the African relief and development world.

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Healing the Poverty Mindset pt. One with Tim & Terry Andrews

Tim and Terry Andrews have been powerful forces for change worldwide. Their work in leadership with the world’s largest Christian relief organization, World Vision, for 30 years in Africa, and now with Root-to-Fruit has led to the transformation of entire communities for the glory of God. Learn how they met and about their first ten years providing relief work in active war zones. Terry shares the gripping story that led her to begin working with Muslim children and the surprising results!

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Meet the Hosts

Scott Allen

Scott Allen


Scott Allen serves as president of the DNA secretariat office. After serving with Food for the Hungry for 19 years in both the United States and Japan, working in the areas of human resources, staff training and program management, he teamed up with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt to launch the DNA in 2008.

Darrow Miller

Darrow Miller


Darrow Miller is a world-renowned author and teacher on Christianity and culture, apologetics, worldview, poverty, and the dignity of women. In 1981, he began 27 years at Food for the Hungry, serving there as vice president from 1994 to 2007 until he helped launch the DNA in 2008. 

Dwight Vogt

Dwight Vogt

Vice President

Dwight Vogt serves as the vice president of international programs. Before coming to the DNA, he worked for 27 years at Food for the Hungry, including field-based leadership roles in Bangladesh, Peru, Thailand and Guatemala.

Luke Allen

Social Media Manager

Luke Allen serves as the marketing manager of communications. He works with strategy, social media, and graphics. He is newly wed, newly grad, and native of Phoenix.  

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