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Critical Race Theorycritical theory

Stand: Christianity vs. Social Justice with Jon Benzinger

Critical race theory and cultural Marxism dominate education, big business, media, and our societal discourse, but why and how has it also infiltrated the Church? Join us as we grapple with the onslaught of critical theory and social justice ideologies that we see in many churches with Jon Benzinger who is a friend, pastor, and author of Stand: Christianity vs. Social Justice. Even though the BLM riots of 2020 are behind us, the Neo-Marxist worldview driving the new social justice movement has not slowed. This worldview is the toxic new religion of our time and brings with it a catastrophic history. If and when its rapid growth takes root in churches, it will bring about their demise. This episode underscores the Christian’s vital need to amalgamate truth and love in the face of these advancing lies.

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Confronting Disunity: The Road Less Traveled Towards Unity and Truth

Over the past two decades, Disciple Nations Alliance has brought together groups from various nations, cultures, denominations, languages, and traditions and watched as God brings unity to diverse people through a biblical worldview. While the world needs to see a unified Church under the lordship of Christ, it often sees the church bickering and divided instead. Our cultural climate is full of ideological differences, reactivity, and societal fractures. Let’s not be of the world. Let’s discover together how we can take the road less traveled and focus on God’s path of truth and love toward unity. Join us in this thought-provoking conversation, and let’s navigate these divisive times together.

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ChildrenChristian Education

Principles to Rethink Education

As many are realizing, the education system is not teaching a neutral worldview because there’s no such thing as a neutral worldview. Instead, most students today are being discipled in an atheistic, secular, materialistic ideology that directly opposes the Bible. When is it time for us to stop playing into this false education and reexamine God’s design for learning and instruction? What core principles for education can we discern from the Bible that can help us approach every area of study? What is God’s view of math, science, history, and art?

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Christian Educationeducation

Don’t Let Schooling Stand in the Way of Education with Christian Overman and Darrow Miller

Most of us have received twelve or more years of “education.” But what is the purpose of education? And is there a difference between schooling and education? We have found that education is more closely related to discipleship than schooling. Join Darrow Miller and guest Christian Overman as they unpack their book, “Don’t Let Schooling Stand in the Way of Education: A Biblical Response to the Crisis in Public Education.” Crisis is not hyperbolic, and as the church, we urgently need to understand the theology of education.

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AmericaBiblical Worldview

Black America Looks Back to Move Forward with Bob Woodson

Bob Woodson’s heart is to see impoverished inner city black communities discipled. He has dedicated his entire life, from his first experiences growing up during Jim Crow to leading civil rights marches in the ’60s to today, serving black America to empower community-based leaders to promote solutions that reduce crime and violence, restore families, revitalize underserved communities, and assist in the creation of economic enterprise. Raised by a single mother in the Depression, Woodson’s story is marked by resiliency and he often tells stories of resilient black Americans who rose above their circumstances to love and serve their neighbors. Throughout his life, Woodson has advised presidents, built businesses, and counseled leaders in academics, media, and politics.

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Business, Witchcraft, and Racism with Dennis Tongoi

One of the easiest ways to experience the power of worldview is to be confronted by another. Dr. Tongoi shares an African purview on race relations in the U.S. and his proposed antidote. Additionally, we hear his approach to business as a Christian whose KPIs are deeper than profit, how fear is the antithesis to love, and what he thinks is the most significant difference between Africa and the West.

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Biblical WorldviewChristian relief and development

Church Growth is Not Enough for Latin America with Mark Dunbar

What’s the difference between Churchianity and Christianity? What do we miss out on if we as believers focus on growing the Church and forget about the Kingdom? Why do many Christians around the world have a difficult time finding practical applications for their life, work, and relationships in the Bible?

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Do family roles matter?

In part two of our discussion, we dive into the hotly-contested topic of God’s design for the role of the mother, father, and children in the family. We analyze this at the level of worldview–why did God create the family with differing roles and responsibilities? What are the good and bad consequences of adhering to or neglecting these God-given roles?

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God’s Vision for Family

In 2014, Pew Research Center reported that for the first time, the number of children raised in a two-parent household was a minority. We have all recognized and felt the effects of this tragic breakdown in the family, so today, we want to look at God’s original design for the family. What were God’s original intentions and purposes for the family? This critical worldview question begs to be addressed in our day. Join us as we explore the Word in search of answers.

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cultural mandatepoverty relief

When Helping Hurts & How to Become Whole with Brian Fikkert

Most of us have heard examples of when good intentions and generosity for the poor inadvertently led to more harm than good. But what’s the solution to this problem? How can you and I help those in need without causing them harm? This week’s guest, Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of the well-known book, When Helping Hurts and Founder/President of the Chalmers Center, joins us to respond to this vital question by introducing us to his newest book, Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty isn’t the American Dream.

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Tom Ascol talks with Scott Allen about Ted Cruz and the anti-homosexuality law in Uganda
Biblical WorldviewCulture

Homosexuality, Ted Cruz, Uganda, and the Law with Tom Ascol

We made it through June. However, in many places around the world, cultures are being discipled more by the new LGBTQ “religion” instead of by the church. Today, we interview Dr. Tom Ascol, pastor of Grace Baptist Church and founder of Founders Ministries. We ask him how Christians can regain their God-given commission to disciple their nations. One of the primary reasons many Christians stay silent during “Pride Month” is because they don’t understand the biblical framework for sex, marriage, and identity. Recently Dr. Ascol made headlines when he challenged U.S. Senator Ted Cruz over God’s laws about these critical topics.

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Nancy Pearcey breaks down The Toxic War on Masculinity. Is masculinity toxic? God's good design for men. God's design for family.
Biblical WorldviewCulture

The Toxic War on Masculinity with Nancy Pearcey

Bestselling author Nancy Pearcey joins us to announce her newest and most controversial book yet. In a day when The Washington Post publishes headlines such as “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” and hashtags like #KillAllMen trend on Twitter, we have to ask, what ideas brought us to this point? When did masculinity become toxic, how is this idea affecting our youth, and what worldview misbeliefs are holding us in this downward spiral of negativity towards masculinity. In this eye-opening discussion, Pearcey will lead you to understand God’s design for masculinity better and share ways to champion that for a culture in desperate need of virtuous men.

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Meet the Hosts

Scott Allen

Scott Allen


Scott Allen serves as president of the DNA secretariat office. After serving with Food for the Hungry for 19 years in both the United States and Japan, working in the areas of human resources, staff training and program management, he teamed up with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt to launch the DNA in 2008.

Darrow Miller

Darrow Miller


Darrow Miller is a world-renowned author and teacher on Christianity and culture, apologetics, worldview, poverty, and the dignity of women. In 1981, he began 27 years at Food for the Hungry, serving there as vice president from 1994 to 2007 until he helped launch the DNA in 2008. 

Dwight Vogt

Dwight Vogt

Vice President

Dwight Vogt serves as the vice president of international programs. Before coming to the DNA, he worked for 27 years at Food for the Hungry, including field-based leadership roles in Bangladesh, Peru, Thailand and Guatemala.

Luke Allen

Social Media Manager

Luke Allen serves as the marketing manager of communications. He works with strategy, social media, and graphics. He is newly wed, newly grad, and native of Phoenix.  

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