Beauty will Save the World: with Zach Dasher

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At a Glance

Beauty can be associated with skin-deep attractiveness, but God’s beauty, the beauty of love, humility, and forgiveness, is far more powerful and can never be exhausted. Creation is saturated with God’s character and His beauty. This should affect our worship, but does it? Do we have a theology of beauty? Zach Dasher, media producer and nephew of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, joins us today to explain how important beauty is, why people are so hungry for it, and how we can respond to that hunger.

What You'll Hear

Chapter 1: Zach Dasher (1:09)
  • Zach is involved in various podcasts, including “Unashamed” with Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty.
  • He tried politics, then got into media, looking for creative ways to show the beauty of God.

Chapter 2: Beauty and Worship
  • God is beautiful, and that should be reflected in our theology.
  • We are worshipping beings—it is only a matter of what we worship, not if we worship.
  • Beauty is not just physical, but also found in love and mercy.
  • Worship and work are closely related.
  • We need humility and submission in society.
  • We will never exhaust God’s beauty.

Chapter 3: Duck Dynasty
  • Phil Robertson did God’s work in the living room by living in a God-glorifying way.
  • His life was a witness.
  • He talked about God like He was a real person.
  • We must focus on the people and community around us instead of the world.

Using the link above, you can read the transcript, listen along, and adjust the speed of the podcast while you listen.

Politics is downstream from culture. And culture is downstream from worship.

Darrow (11:17)

Special Guest

Zach Dasher, founder, and CEO of TreadLively Entertainment and Nephew of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Zach is a passionate storyteller in multi forms of media, including but not limited to Podcasting, TV, and Film. He is a father of five children and husband to an amazing wife.


“In the absence of God, man becomes the determiner of all things, including the value of your life. But it’s not just any man that gets to determine that, it’s the one that’s got the biggest stick. And that happens to be our governments.” Zach (6:31)

“Politics is downstream from culture. And culture is downstream from worship. And the God that we worship as Christians is glorious. He is beautiful. And if we worship the one who is beautiful and the source of beauty, that should be reflected in culture. And today we have so much a theology of utility, a theology of pragmatism, but we don’t have a theology of beauty.” Darrow (11:17)

“We build cultures in the image of the God that we worship.” Scott, quoting Darrow (17:18)

“The reason why heaven is heaven is not because it’s eternal life. It’s that it’s eternal life with a God, whose beauty can never be exhausted.” Zach (38:29)

“You’re going to worship or love or desire whatever it is that you consume.” Zach (48:32)

“The biggest thing we can do is live out a kingdom life that’s beautiful and repentant.” Zach (1:01:26)

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