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October 29, 2009

Darrow visits Marvin Olasky at the King’s College in New York

By Darrow Miller

After reading LifeWork, Marvin Olasky, provost of The King’s College, editor-in-chief of the national news magazine World, and a friend for about 25 years from the Villars Consultation on Relief and Development (organized by FHI and Udo Middleman and funded by Fieldstead and Company) welcomed me to stop at the college for an interview next time I was through New York. So I took the opportunity to fly through NY on my way to Lima.

King’s is a rebirth of the old and more traditional King’s College. It went bankrupt in the 1990’s. The board sold the campus in a rural part of NY State and several years later started a new King’s College housed in the 15th floor of the Empire State Building in downtown NY. Campus Crusade for Christ was instrumental in helping to get the new college started. They want to establish a college that could engage with this world class city. They have 300+ students and have a goal of 1000 at some point in the future.

After being shown around the “campus” Marvin interviewed me before about 70 students and faculty. The interview was part of a “guest lecture series.” I was quite humbled by the list of people who are on the list. Presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and John Beckett, author of Loving Mondays, were among the people who are coming to the college. Marvin uses these interviews both for the students and faculty of KC but also for content for potential articles in World. It would be good to pray that the interview went well enough and Marvin had sufficient interest to write up something in World. Marvin asked me questions for about 40 minutes and then for the next 30 minutes the student body asked questions. There were some excellent questions and a real fun and engaging dialog. My sense is we could have continued the conversation for a couple of hours. After the official interview was over, a number of students came up to continue the conversation.  But, as we had luncheon scheduled with a number of faculty, Marvin had to pull me away from the students. 


October 31, 2009

Reserve your Kingdom Lifestyles series in Spanish!

We are excited to announce the pending release of two of the Kingdom Lifestyle Series booklets in Spanish: La Cosmovisión del Reino de Dios, and El Reino Inconmovible de Dios! The booklets in this series contain the core messages of the DNA Vision Conference in small-group, discovery Bible study format. YWAM Publishing is anxious to begin printing these, but before starting they need to know what the demand is from our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters.  

To get as many of these booklets out as soon as possible, for a limited time we will make them available at the significantly reduced cost of $4 per booklet for orders of 30 or more. The current retail price for the English booklets is $7.00.

Please e-mail us as soon as possible with how many copies you would be interested in receiving at this introductory price. The more interest for bulk orders that we receive, the sooner YWAM Publishing will be able to get these printed!

Also, a small number of pre-release editions are available for immediate shipment from the DNA Office in Phoenix at the price of $5.00 per copy. Please e-mail us to order.


September 25, 2009

Great Commission workshop in Puerto Rico, Nov. 9-20!

We are excited to invite you to attend Darrow Miller’s new teaching series, “The Great CO-Mission,” in Puerto Rico this November! Explore with us the sufficiency of the biblical worldview in creating societies of freedom, beauty, and justice. Around the globe, the atheistic and Islamic worldviews are competing for adherents, and yet, both of these paradigms ultimately result in license, death, and tyranny.

This is an opportunity for Christians and the Church to reawaken to their roles as change-agents in every area of society, recognizing Christ’s reign and imminent return. After exploring the ideas and consequences of atheism and Islam, Darrow will lay out God’s mandate for the 21st century Church, which must begin by recovering a comprehensive and biblical understanding of Christ’s Great Commission.
The conference is hosted by YWAM Puerto Rico at their base near San Juan. It will run from November 9 – 20.  Lodging for the entire event is available for $300. Arrivals can be scheduled for November 7 into San Juan (SJU) and departures for November 21. You may also inquire about attending for just a portion of the teaching if you are not available both weeks.
This will also be a good opportunity to network with the DNA and other like-minded individuals in your vocation. Reserve your room or request more information with Tim Williams (U.S.) and Cherish/Yarley (Puerto Rico).
Check back in October at to learn more about the Great Commission Workshop and explore the power points.


September 26, 2009

DNA partners with the new Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

The Colson Center

In January, the Disciple Nations Alliance was invited to attend a special gathering of church and ministry leaders focused on biblical worldview and transformation. The gathering was convened by Chuck Colson and BreakPoint, and was called “The Movement Summit.” Its aim was to foster greater collaboration, synergy, and impact in reforming the culture of the United States. Flowing from this gathering, an exciting new project has been launched. “The Colson Center for Christian Worldview” equips a movement of believers who want to defend and live out a thoroughly biblical worldview in this postmodern age by means of a unique interactive website. At the center of this site is a vast virtual library that pulls together the worldview teaching of the great Christian thinkers, ancient and modern. The Disciple Nations Alliance is pleased to be an official partner of the Colson Center. We invite you to visit this new resource, where you will find the core messages and books of the Disciple Nations Alliance.


September 22, 2009

Update on Elizabeth Youmans and the AMO curriculum

Elizabeth Youmans is a long-time friend of the Disciple Nations Alliance. Through Chrysalis International and the AMO Program, she has created outstanding curriculum and resources on the role of education and family. She issues a constant reminder that education is not merely academic, but an opportunity to be intentional in the building of character in two generations.

We are always excited to feature her latest updates and newsletters, including this one which shares the great work God is doing through the ministry in the Dominican Republic.

With the teaching of AMO lessons, which are based on God’s Word and governed by biblical principles, truth inspires the hearts and minds of children to seek after God with all their heart and to share His Word with family and friends. Bible Reading for Reasoning units place a Bible in the hands of every child and have them reading the Scriptures for themselves and reasoning with truth for application in their own lives and communities. . .

Click here to see the full newsletter!


September 11, 2009

Fruit from the DNA forum in Hong Kong

I thought you would enjoy hearing what one of our Forum participants included in their recent newsletter:

As I mentioned (complained about) in my previous newsletter, I left a recent conference in Hong Kong with a honey-do list that might as well have included items such as bring about world peace. After much praying, fasting, discussion, garnering opinions, we have finally wrestled down a focused list. Here is one on the top:

A City-Based Program 

A passion of mine is to see God’s name glorified. It breaks my heart that so often the Christians are the poorest and looked down on by others. Christian workers are known for being less diligent than Non Christians to the point that many Christian businessmen will not employ Christians. In many cases God’s name is not being glorified in this nation. Over the past four years we have been blessed to see a real turnaround on this in the rural areas. As one person shared recently: 

Before we were the poorest village. But now we are the richest. As the poorest village it was hard for us to reach the other villages, they looked down on us. But now they can see that our God can do more for us than the government can do for them. Now they are open to us coming to their villagers to help and share about Christ.  

While that is exciting, it is happening in the most isolated pockets and still out of the view of most of the people. Our hearts are now becoming increasingly burdened by the fact that God’s name is not glorified throughout this nation. While the ethnic minority people and the local governments in those rural areas might be seeing God for the great God that he is, in most of the country God is seen as somewhat strange, irrelevant, unknown or even to be despised. 

While we recognize our limitations, our passion to see God’s name glorified has inspired us to start a city-based program. Exactly what that will look like is hard to say. The churches in the city are overwhelmed with training so I “aren’t” sure that training is the best solution. We are currently praying that God will open the right doors and lead us in the right direction. At the moment we are translating books and putting together some new materials. We would welcome your prayers as we look for answers.

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