The Grand Design with Darrow Miller

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Darrow Miller’s newest book, “The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female in the Image of God,” will be out in two weeks. Explore with us what it means to be transcendently and biologically human, male and female, made in the image of God. The Grand Design captures and restores a vision for what God has imagined for the human family, in all of its beauty. This biblical standard has potential to produce freedom and flourishing on one hand, or immense evil and harm when it is ignored. The impact is felt not only on individual levels, but even nationally and we are seeing the results all around us today.

What You'll Hear
  1. Introduction (1:28)
  2. The lie that men and superior to women (6:36)
  3. The global issue of sexism (14:36)
  4. God created male and female (26:22)
  5. The maternal heart of God (37:23)
  6. Is feminism sexist? (48:28)
  7. Cultural shifts on gender and morality (56:49)
  8. Promoting “The Grand Design” Book (1:05:35)

Using the link above, you can read the transcript, listen along, and adjust the speed of the podcast while you listen.

"Darrow, this is something I've always so appreciated about you. Your heart breaks for the consequences of these horrible ideas and lies. That's where we need to be focused, the real life consequences in people's lives, in communities and nations. They're really destructive lies and the truth is incredibly beautiful.."

Scott Allen (1:04:39)

What is the root of poverty? How do cultural perceptions of women influence poverty around the world?

  • 5:30 “I came to realize that the root of poverty was not lack of money or lack of resources. I came to realize that the root cause of poverty was a lie… the lie that men are superior to women.” Darrow


  • 9:30 “Gendercide is the word that describes this. But you don’t hear that word much, but it is the radical elimination of a gender, and there are approximately 200 million, not 2 million, not 20 million–200 million fewer women in the world today than there should be because of these practices of aborting and killing newborn baby girls.” Darrow


  • 13:38 “I remember one time I was teaching in Africa and I was teaching on this subject and a young man came up to me and he said, ‘Darrow, in our tribe we don’t have a word for woman.’ And I said what do you mean you don’t have a word for a woman? You’ve got to! Half the people in your tribe are female. ‘No, we don’t have a word for woman.’ Well then, what do you call her? ‘A tool.’ And that’s not a derogatory word that was literally the descriptive word for females.” Darrow


  • 14:36 “I was in Indonesia and giving a lecture and a man came up to me and he said you know, on our island we don’t have a word for woman. I said you have to. And he said no, we don’t. Well, what do you call a woman? A slave. And that’s where you have a whole language, a whole culture, without a word for women.Darrow


  • 19:04 “I think we as Christians take for granted this idea. We assume that everyone knows this and this idea has been around forever. But historically all cultures in the world had this kind of [degrading] view of women that you’re describing. Then when Christianity was introduced well, Judaism, and then Christianity with Jesus himself it was a revolution and I think we don’t appreciate the revolutionary impact of Christianity on this particular issue.” Scott


  • 48:45 “That’s the point of the second wave of feminism. You reject maleness on one level, but not on another. You reject sexism. But where does a woman become most like a man? When she can abandon the home and enter the marketplace; when she can have sex and not get pregnant. So what is the value still in radical feminism?–it’s maleness.” Darrow


  • 1:01:02 “That’s what this book does so well, because we see all these extremely evil things going on in the world. You see abortion, sex trafficking, pedophilia, sex-selective abortion, pornography. These are all connected and it’s because we have the wrong understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God. And instead of running around trying to put out all these fires, which is important, but instead of always doing that in this kind of reactionary approach, we need to be proactive in casting a better vision for what it means to be male and female. And not casting our own vision, but just going back to God’s vision and saying this is the one that actually works, this is the only one that can unify us. And if we actually have this vision and we actually disciple our nations with this vision, then all these other fires that are popping up everywhere we will be able to take a stance against.” Luke


  • 1:04:39 “Darrow, this is something I’ve always so appreciated about you. Your heart breaks for the consequences of these horrible ideas and lies. That’s where we need to be focused, the real life consequences in people’s lives, in communities and nations. They’re really destructive lies and the truth is incredibly beautiful.” Scott

Did you realize that there are entire cultures in the world that don't have a word for women?

Go Deeper

The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female as the Image of God

By Darrow Miller

“Darrow offers a healing biblical vision where men and women reflect the relationship within the Trinity: unity without uniformity and diversity without superiority.” – Nancy Pearcey, Professor and scholar in residence at Houston Christian University, author of Love Thy Body and The Toxic War on Masculinity

“Rich, timely, wide ranging, provocative, and wise, Miller’s The Grand Design is a book to be read slowly, pondered, and discussed.” – Os Guinness, Author of The Magna Carta of Humanity

Throughout the ages, cultures have pivoted between two understandings of the sexes. 

Men and women are equal,
and therefore they are the same – interchangeable.


Men and women are different,
and the differences are exploited to falsely claim that some people are superior to others. 


But what if there is a third option? What if a true biblical understanding, rooted in the Trinity, provides a foundation and vision for the sexes, where unity and equality is possible without uniformity, and difference and diversity between men and women is celebrated without superiority? In an age where views about men and women have divided the church and the culture, The Grand Design offers an opportunity for everyone to discover with fresh insight all that it means to be made in the image of God, male and female. 

The Grand Design Course

DNA’s Grand Design course will surprise and delight you. Many participants find they are engaging elements of worldview and the biblical narrative in ways they never have before. Their self-understanding has improved, as they realize what it means to be transcendently and biologically male or female. This has breathed fresh life and purpose into areas that previously felt mundane and unimportant, and their family relationships have improved. It’s time that you discovered the Grand Design.

Take your first step by starting our free course today!

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