Revival + Reformation = Discipled Nations with Teo Hayashi

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It seems there are more churches and Christians globally than ever before in history, yet society and culture seem to be crumbling around us. Where are all these believers? Today’s guest, Brazilian Pastor Teofilo Hayashi, argues that this lack of Christian impact is because we’ve seen souls stirred and saved, but not lives reformed. The Great Commission should affect the whole of societies and nations. How do we live this out? How do we move from revival to reformation? Practically, we need to start with the basics, bringing biblical principles back into the three most influential systems in a society: family, education, and local churches. This message is challenging, inspiring, and urgent. Join us as we get practical with Pastor Teo, exploring how each of us can start discipling the nations!

Special Guest

Teófilo Hayashi is the founder of Dunamis Movement, a revival-focused ministry spread across over 400 university campuses worldwide. Teo has traveled to over 40 nations preaching the Gospel and seeing the miraculous power of God reaching people from all different walks of life. Teo and his wife Junia have four kids, and are also the senior leaders of Zion Church, a multi-campus church that has impacted not only Brasil but the nations. Teo holds degrees in psychology and theology and is the author of various books.

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"We either disciple the world or the world will disciple us."

Teo Hayashi (39:17)


“Are you going after the Kingdom dream or the American dream?” – Teo [12:00]


Reformation is tied back to revival and awakening.


Bold evangelism leads to full churches, which requires the development of new leadership and seminaries. But if we stop here, our cities and societies are not transformed. 

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When the principles of the Bible are understood as a comprehensive worldview, it has tremendous power to work transformation in individuals, families, communities, and even nations. Too often, Christians are ineffective because they have absorbed cultural thinking that is not in alignment with truth.

Not all worldviews are equal. Some lead to brokenness and poverty, while the biblical worldview leads to God’s intended flourishing and the blessing of the nations. Our Kingdomizer Training Program can help you understand the biblical worldview and discover areas in your own thinking that need to be transformed by God’s Word.

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Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures

The power of the gospel to transform individual lives has been clearly evident throughout New Testament history. But what of the darkness and poverty that enslaves entire cultures, even nations? Have Christians underestimated the power of God’s truth to transform entire societies? Have Christians underestimated the power of God’s truth to transform entire societies? In Discipling Nations, Darrow Miller builds a powerful and convincing thesis that God’s truth not only breaks the spiritual bonds of sin and death but can free whole societies from deception and poverty. Completely revised and updated for the third edition, Discipling Nations will challenge, reenergize, and equip Christians everywhere who labor to see His kingdom come, His will be done. Also available in other languages.

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